Microfungus Collection and Herbarium

UAMH Centre for Global Microfungal Biodiversity

Handling Cultures

  • Loosen caps of mailing slants
  • Subculture to an appropriate medium
  • Contact the curator by email to confirm receipt of the package
  • If requested, return the shipping container (including the inner canister + outer box) following the instructions provided with the shipment.

Procedures for reconstituting freeze-dries (lyophilized ampoules) Note: Growth should occur within 2 to 3 weeks but hold for 4-5 weeks. Non-viable freeze-dries will be replaced free of charge within 60 days. Afterward, the culture will be replaced at the price originally quoted. Shipping is extra for all replacements.

Media Recipes Note: Pablum Cereal Agar (CER) and Oatmeal-salts Agar (OAT) are different media.

Citation of UAMH strains: UAMH strain numbers must be cited in patent(s), GenBank records, publications or theses associated with the use of these strains. Reprints would be appreciated.

GenBank deposits: include the UAMH number in the DEFINITION field and/or include it under SOURCE information as follows:

  • /culture_collection=”UAMH:xxxx”    This format is used for collections listed in the Global Registry of Biodiversity Repositories
  • Please send GenBank accession numbers assigned to the sequences when they have been deposited.