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You may order cultures by email, fax or phone. A purchase order or credit card payment must accompany all orders. Click here for details on payment methods. Orders from outside North America must be paid in advance. Note: This form does not provide a secure transmission (SSL). For payment by credit card, please phone (+1 416 946 0459) or fax (+1 416 978 2608).

Consultation with the Curator may result in the selection of a more appropriate strain or species. In some cases, we may recommend an alternative isolate if we know how you plan to use a culture. Please fill in all fields so that we will be able to reach you in case we have any questions, and to notify you when the order is ready to be shipped. Provide the details of the purchase in the last field of the form (UAMH number and fungus name for each culture).

We suggest using our online catalogue to create a shopping cart; the shopping cart will lead you back to this form and automatically append the necessary information to it. We offer four forms of payment (Purchase order, credit card, bank transfer, money order) but prefer payment by credit card.

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